# November 9, 2017

Fortecho Solutions is Hiring!

Fortecho Solutions is the leading supplier of intelligent object-focused protection systems for museums, art galleries and superyachts. We're looking for a top tier system installation engineer to join us.

YOUR ROLE will initially be to assist and eventually to lead on the installation and commissioning of these systems both inside and outside the UK. The Fortecho system is a combination of in-house software, network devices and radio hardware. It relies on Windows™ workstations or servers and utilizes network technologies for the flow of data within the system and to external systems.

As systems installation engineer you will report to the Senior Engineer and Chief Technical Officer.

Responsibilities and Duties:

    + Prepare documents including CAD for installation planning.
    + Prepare hardware devices for installation.
    + Install devices in customer sites according to technical plans and instructions.
    + Install software on Windows™ systems.
    + Configure hardware and software.
    + Test system operation.
    + Assist in commissioning.


    + Training, certificates or experience that demonstrates abilities in many of the areas mentioned above and below.
    + Experience working with commensurate systems such as door access or radio systems.
    + Electrical qualifications desirable but not essential (training will be given) - some cabling and connection work is an essential part of the job.
    + You must be computer literate and have:
    • Experience with AutoCAD™, MS Word™ and MS Excel™
    • Extensive knowledge of the installation of Windows™ operating systems in an enterprise environment
    • Some experience using Microsoft SQL Server™ and Management Studio™ and the ability to use or learn SQL Scripting within Management Studio™
    • Familiarity with server hardware and its physical installation
    • Knowledge of basic Networking, TCP/IP and Windows™ file sharing, and also trouble shooting skills relating to networking components.

    You must have demonstrable conceptual, analytical and problem-solving abilities.
    You must also be able to travel to client sites, many of which are overseas, and follow a work schedule.

    You will from time to time deal with clients and engineers from other companies when integrating the systems.

If this sounds like you and you're ready to take a step up in your career, send your CV and a cover letter to recruit(at)fortecho.com.