# May 15, 2017

FORTECHO™ Protects the Science Museum's New Exhibition

The Science Museum has deployed Fortecho Solutions' pioneering RFID surveillance technology to safeguard exhibits at the highly-acclaimed Mathematics: The Winton Gallery.

Designed by Zaha Hadid Architects and opened in December 2016, the gallery showcases more than 100 treasures from the Science Museum’s world-class science, technology, engineering and mathematics collections. From loaned perspective sketches by J.M.W. Turner to early examples of the Enigma machine, each object is unique, exceptionally valuable and with a powerful story to tell. Each also brings its own security challenges.

By employing an ‘active RFID’ receiver infrastructure and a variety of specialist invisible wireless sensors, Fortecho™ protects every object and display case from theft and damage. Aesthetics are at the core of Zaha Hadid’s design, so it was essential that the sensors remain completely hidden from view, unaffecting the viewer’s experience.

Fortecho engineer configuring the Fortecho protection system at London's Science Museum

The powerful Fortecho™ software, paired with the Science Museum’s security management system infrastructure via a high-level integration means security personnel can efficiently verify and respond to any events that occur in real-time.

Using our technical mathematics-dependent solution to protect a gallery exploring the same subject is a practical tribute to those that explored the subject, their tools and ideas which have shaped the modern world.

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