# April 21, 2016

Fortecho Solutions Releases Longest Life Tag on the Market

When we first launched our security solution for the cultural sector in 2000. Jon Campbell, then Head of Visitor Services at The National Gallery (London), said his art handlers could not possibly change batteries or tags on their collection of 2300 paintings every 2-3 years. It would simply cost too much time and money.

Fortecho Solutions then spent the next 18 months developing an "active" tag that would last at least 5 years, even when transmitting on a fast heartbeat (a health message sent every 15 seconds). Some of those first tags lasted over 10 years!

Technology back then was limited to mechanical vibration sensors. But today Fortecho™ has launched a new tag into the market that far exceeds these expectations. A new type of electronic accelerometer has been introduced that measures minute gravitational changes. These have been integrated into the next generation of tags and can be programmed on 10 different levels of sensitivity.

The new tags will last a minimum of 7 years on a fast heartbeat of 15 seconds, but will likely last longer than 10 years if the tag is rarely moved.
Our tags are ultrasonically sealed ensuring that artworks are protected from the electronics and lithium batteries that power the tags. These new tags are cheaper, longer lasting by a significant margin than anything else available in the market.