# April 21, 2016

ISIS Ltd. changes name to Fortecho Solutions Ltd

When we started ISIS (Integrated Security Information Systems Ltd) in 1996 we took great care in choosing a name that would reflect a different approach to security systems. We pioneered the use of a software frontend to manage and present alarm information. ISIS was also first to apply long-range “active” RFID technology to protect moveable IT assets - a wireless solution using “powered” long-range tags was imperative during the early days of expensive portable laptops.

Our software development has always focused on two key drivers: “Integration” and “Information”. Older security systems were stand-alone and proprietary: our development team realised early on that systems could be more powerful when they were integrated, providing alarm information to key decision makers in real-time. Given that our solution tracked, managed and secured high value assets, the software quickly became an enormous repository of data that could be managed to streamline business efficiency - data that was key to departments outside of the security remit.

With the emergence of religious extremism in the Middle East, and the ensuing terrorism around the world, it is with great regret that that we are forced to change our name and ensure there is no association whatsoever with our company. In the past 15 years we have built our reputation on protecting the world’s heritage and cultural assets, while so called ‘Islamic State’ / ‘ISIS’ / ‘ISIL’ / Daesh endeavour to destroy it. Our new name Fortecho™ reflects again what we stand for: strength, technology and the echo of wireless systems. It is a unique word, and trademarked in the 30+ countries we operate.

  Author: Robert Green.