# August 12, 2020

Museum support is available through the use of government grants.

Government grants are available for museum support and to help reopen when possible.

Amounts range from £10,000 - £3,000,000
 Round Two Runs to the 4th September, grants are available through to March 2021


Grants are available to; “maintain buildings and other assets (including collections) while closed (including environmental monitoring and conservation)” & “security to ensure buildings and sites are secure over the closure period” – (National Heritage Fund)


Fortecho Solutions suits these criteria perfectly. We can create a free quote on the same day simply using the below information:

  • Amount of gallery and/or storage space, or better still share floor plans (CAD, JPG, BMP, TIF)
  • Number of RFID tags (for display cases/paintings & prints/sculptures, furniture, storage)

Museum Support is key to the survival of our heritage. Make the most of the available support by implementing our market leading object specific protection for your assets. 

Strategically exiting the Covid-19 lockdown for the cultural sector is of paramount importance. Museums and galleries alike will need to carefully plan every capital expenditure to make sure that their spaces can remain open and operate effectively in the evolving post-pandemic environment. By using the available government grants to install a Fortecho protection system your business will be able to reduce its operating costs, whilst maintaining world leading security and environmental controls. An RFID product is perfectly suited to any environment and is wireless at object level. Using POE readers, the necessary infrastructure is kept to a bare minimum whilst maintaining operational excellence.

If you would like to arrange a 15 minute call with one of our team please use this link https://calendly.com/bart-fortecho/15min

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