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Errors and Warnings

  • GUI warnings - Battery Life

    Some of your tag(s) are nearing the end of their battery lives. But don’t worry, you have several months in which to contact Fortecho Solutions and order replacements. If the tag dies you will see the tag appear in the missing warnings on the bottom status bar or in some cases it may appear as a MISSING alarm. Make sure you get some more stock before this happens.

  • GUI warnings - Missing Tags - Static / Personel / THT
  • GUI Error - Database Disconnected
  • GUI Error - Reader Problems

General User Issues

  • How do I Register an Artwork?

    For detailed step-by-step instructions, go to ‘Artwork & Tag Registration’ on page 22 of the Fortecho User Manual.

  • How do I Swap a Tag?
  • How do I change the Asset Details?
  • Why is there no alarm when I move the tagged object?
  • How do I change the registered location?
  • Why can't I clear the alarm?
  • May I rename locations?
  • How do I setup a general schedule?
  • Why is my system in tamper?
  • Can I replace the tag's battery?
  • Why is software window greyed out?
  • Can I get a battery life report?

Curator Issues

  • Tag Attachment Issues - Why is the painting tag always in tamper?

    The tag isn’t sitting correctly inside it’s tamper wallet. Make sure the tag sits tightly in the bottom of the wallet.

  • Tag Attachment Issues - Must I use Fortecho Tamper Wallets?
  • Tag Attachment Issues - When I close the display case why does the tag goes missing?
  • Tag Attachment Issues - What is the ideal distance between the tag and its tamper magnet?
  • Registration issues - Why doesn't the tag appear in the registration window?
  • Registration issues - There seem to be two tags with the same ID?
  • Registration issues - "Not able to add tag into the database"?
  • Registration issues - Why does the software says the tag does not 'have magnet', but it does?
  • Alarm and Testing Issues - Why is there no alarm when I move the tagged object?
  • Alarm and Testing Issues - Which side of the tag is the tamper switch?

Ancillary Programs

Management issues


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