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Monitor your artworks and high value assets 24/7 wirelessly, with the world’s leading IOT State of the Art Protection

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State of the Art Wireless Protection

Working closely with a network of museums, galleries and professional partners we have developed and built our own hardware and software. Creating an IOT solution designed for the art world with applications across various other industries

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Your artworks and valuable assets deserve to be seen.

They also deserve state-of-the-art protection that doesn’t impair the visual experience.

At Fortecho, we believe that protection goes beyond theft prevention it includes preservation too. Our asset monitoring solutions use invisible wireless sensors sensitive to movement, proximity, tamper as well as changes in surrounding temperature, humidity and light levels.

Sensitive not stupid they know the difference between a significant environmental change and the natural consequences of daily life avoiding false alarms and alerting you to danger before damage is done.

From monumental masterpieces to the smallest of jewels our sensor will protect any asset standing, hanging, even floating.

They come in various sizes and can simply be incorporated into the displays themselves and their decade long battery life allows for a global status report every 30 seconds minimizes contact with your assets and makes them easy to maintain perfect for your museum or private collection.

All our solutions are insurer approved and can be fully integrated into every aspect of your art security system so rely on Fortecho to keep an eye on your artworks and valuable assets because they deserve to be seen and protected.

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Our Asset Monitoring Solutions

We offer unparalleled experience in ensuring the safety and integrity of high-value assets.

Protect artworks and valuable assets 24/7 using custom made hardware & enterprise software

Protect artworks and valuable assets using touch screen technology integrated into existing security infrastructure

Designed specifically for the protection of high value assets on super yachts and mega yachts in conjunction with some of the world’s leading ship builders

An IOT solution incorporating bespoke hardware and enterprise software integrated into machine systems to alert to access and proximity

Fortecho Luxe allows for controlled protection of display cases and their content 24/7, adaptable to meet the needs of the retail environment.

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We are proud to support some of the world’s leading businesses, art institutions, charities, foundations and private collections.

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Our Approach

Fortecho Solutions offers a suite of systems specialising in the wireless protection of high-value assets. We design bespoke packages of fully-integrated hardware and software to create comprehensive cutting-edge security systems tailored to your needs.


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We focus on excellence to maintain the very best solution to suit you

Fortecho Solutions offers a suite of systems specialising in the wireless protection of high-value assets. We design IOT bespoke packages of fully-integrated hardware and enterprise software to create comprehensive security systems tailored to your needs.

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