Protecting a Private Art Collection in Central London

The House

A client – who must remain anonymous – owns a London townhouse with a number of valuable paintings and sculptures. Some are extremely valuable and very rare. They could not be replaced if stolen. Their insurer insisted on having an extra level of object-focused security, as art in private residences is the most vulnerable, and is most commonly stolen.

Business Challenge

The client requires a means of easily monitoring the collection without wires, PCs and false alarms. The system had to guarantee art protection while easily co-existing with children and occasional entertaining:

  • 40 key paintings and sculptures must be monitored.
  • Sensors must be invisible and cannot be hard-wired.
  • Sensors to be attached and unattached without damaging artworks.
  • The client must be able to move paintings between walls without the intervention of third parties.
  • Coverage of 5 rooms and an entrance hall.
  • Free-standing metal sculptures on desks, and floor.
  • Be able to de-activate sensors on a room-by-room basis.
  • Must integrate fully with the Honeywell Galaxy intruder alarm system – and be monitored through the

The Solution

Fortecho Solutions worked closely with the client and incumbent security contractor to provide the ideal system, ensuring effective integration, perfect coverage and optimal local support if and where required.

  • All paintings fitted with a long life (8 years) motion-sensing tag.
  • Fortecho Solutions created 4 bespoke pressure-sensing plinths in a shape and finish to suit each sculpture, as chosen by the client.
  • 9 RFID readers were installed covertly across the house. In the basement and joinery.
  • System controlled by a standalone Fortecho Lite touchscreen – allows room-level control.
  • System activates the local intruder alarm system, with room-specific art alarms registered.


Customer Comments

We cannot recommend the wireless Fortecho solutions highly enough; invisible, reliable and easy to install.