RFID Asset Tracking

Fortecho Industry is an active RFID solution for protecting, monitoring and managing both assets and personnel in a variety of industrial settings. These include data centres, construction sites, warehouses, and logistics companies, as well as the diverse environments of the entertainment, healthcare, and oil and gas industries.

Fortecho Industry wirelessly monitors for theft, damage, and environmental change and tracks the locations of assets or personnel—all in real-time across multiple locations.

We deploy a variety of fit-for-function sensors tailored to meet specialised needs, ranging from ATEX-approved tags for oil and gas environments to ruggedised motion sensors for outdoor construction sites and from hypo-allergenic personnel tags for the healthcare industry to metal-optimised tags for data centres.

Fortecho Industry is an end-to-end solution that will integrate seamlessly with your existing security infrastructure, including CCTV, SMS, VMS, radio and intruder detection systems. Our Fortecho solutions are aligned with cutting edge technology.

RFID Asset Tracking System Benefits


Our sophisticated sensors can tell the difference between harmless contact and attempted theft.


Tag form and functionality are designed for purpose—be it to monitor shipping crates, server racks, personnel or merchandise.


Invisible at room / floor level, receivers may be hidden behind walls, above ceilings or inside furnishings.

Easy to install

Fit sensors quickly, easily and safely in a number of ways.

Easy to use

Graphical alarm messages for rapid interpretation, analysis and response.


Less employee time wasted on handling, logging, and looking for assets.

RFID Asset Tracking for Effective Protection of High-Value Assets in Diverse Industries

Empty heavy industry building

Asset tracking RFID solutions designed for:

Data / Colocation Centres & Server Farms

Construction Sites




Oil & Gas

 Fortecho Industry works with some of the world’s leading data centres, construction sites, warehouses, and logistics companies. Some of our current partners include:

“Needing a flexible, additional level of security for assets in our warehouses, we turned to Fortecho Industry. It’s an enormous relief for us knowing our clients’ assets are safe and secure.”
“When commodity prices were at a high we needed a fast, effective solution against metal theft. Fortecho Solutions provided us with the answer. If anything is moved in any warehouse in the world without permission, the Fortecho software immediately activates the CCTV monitors in our global HQ in London.”
“Suits of armour, weapons, ceramics, paintings… there are hundreds of valuable items, vulnerable to theft and damage by visitors. The Fortecho system invisibly protects it all, facilitating immediate analysis and response in the event of an emergency”
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Case studies

Devised in collaboration with The National Gallery, London, Fortecho has evolved with the cooperation of security directors, curators and conservators from the world’s leading museums.