Asset Tracking Solution

Fortecho is the world’s premier wireless artwork & valuable asset tracking solution. Fortecho enables artworks and their locations to be monitored discretely 24/7 in real-time for theft, damage, and dangerous environmental change. Designed to be fully integrated with existing security infrastructures including CCTV, SMS, VMS, digital mobile radio and intruder detection systems.


Remains active 24/7, even during visitor hours when typical ‘intruder detection’ systems are disabled. 


Modular and scalable to adapt to your ever-changing needs.      


Invisible sensors provide the best viewer experience.                    

Easy to install

Wireless at floor level, our system is easy to install/retro-fit, including in historic buildings where cabling can be an issue.

Easy to use

Highly sophisticated but simple to use with instant audible and visual real-time alerts. The system runs with Fortecho’s bespoke and user-friendly enterprise software.


Fortecho minimises artwork handling and staffing costs for installation. And you can pay upfront or lease over time.

High Value Asset Tracking Software

Below you can see our high value asset tracking software in action, using our various asset tracking solutions such as the Slimline Picture Tag, Slimline Temp Exhibition tag, and Slimline Picture tag. Contact us for more information.

Picture of a museum art display A museum art display with x ray tag samples

Art tracking and security solutions

Museum Asset Tracking Software

Commercial Galleries

Temporary Exhibitions

Large Private Collections


Places of Worship

Art Fairs

Fortecho Solutions are used by hundreds of prestigious public collections that require ultimate security for their art without sacrificing aesthetics and flexibility

"A mobile, flexible and non-intrusive approach to protecting art is essential. Fortecho delivers this and, to date, I have seen nothing that matches the functionality and performance."
“We highly recommend the Fortecho and Fortecho Lite systems to our clients with high value art collections. As discreet, flexible and effective solutions, there’s nothing better on the market.”
Spencer Ewen, CEO
Seymours Art Advisors
“Fortecho solution offers a valuable addition to the security we can offer to our high end clients, in particular those looking to protect expensive valuables such as paintings and sculptures.”
Kate Scott
Chubb Insurance

Case Studies

Devised in collaboration with The National Gallery, London, Fortecho has evolved with the cooperation of security directors, curators and conservators from the world’s leading museums.

Frequently Asked Questions

Art protection is the monitoring of individual assets against theft, damage and harmful changes in the immediate environmental conditions.

It is achieved using a combination of long life wireless active RFID tags and enterprise software. The active tags immediately report any movement to the asset as well as live streaming data on the temperature, humidity and light.

The software interrogate this data and displays it as alarm messages, or stores it for future analytics.

The system is split into three parts: Wireless Tags, RFID Receivers and Software. The reader network makes up the bulk of the cost with the tags retailing at about 10% of their cost (and lasting 7-10 years). The price of the software is based on a licence fee made up of the amount of readers and tags deployed on site. For further information on pricing please contact Fortecho directly.

All our systems are bespoke and designed to meet individual customer needs. The size of the system, the hardware used or the amount of integration all have a bearing when it comes to price. However, a Fortecho system is always modular, which means customers can start by installing a small system in a single room or gallery and expand from there as and when budgets allow. A lot of our institutional clients take this approach.

We have a proven record of securing a large variety of (often obscure) objects very successfully. From natural history museums to coin collections, delicate China to contemporary sculpture we have seen it all. We are not limited to art objects but protect high value assets of all kind. This includes watches, handbags, wine collections and even fur coats.

A good art protection system goes beyond basic theft prevention. It helps you to manage your assets and the conditions they are kept in. Our tags gather important data at object level and communicate the information to the software via encrypted messages. The software determines, based on user determined rules and thresholds, whether an alert needs to be triggered.

Tags alert to movement, unauthorised access to display cases, tamper and more. Devices such as laser scanners can alert to proximity and remind visitors with an audible alarm to keep their distance to the objects displayed.

Additionally, Fortecho tags collect data on temperature, relative humidity and light so you know at all times the exact conditions any object is being kept at. Our tags forms a tight network of control point enabling efficient and economical use of resources, while creating a safe environment for your most valuable assets. Fortecho combines security and preventative conservation