Art Protection System

Fortecho Lite is an invisible, wireless, and easy to live with artwork protection system. We designed it specifically to combat the rising number of art thefts from private residences. Completely standalone and controlled only by a touch-screen panel, Fortecho Lite is a slimmed-down version of our museum-grade Fortecho software solution. It provides basic functionality with sophisticated RFID equipment monitoring your high-value assets 24/7. Certified by the insurance industry, the system is ideal for private galleries and private and corporate collections with less than 60 artworks. To explore more options, visit our Fortecho solutions page.


Remains active 24/7, even during the day when typical ‘intruder detection’ systems are disabled.


Paintings are secure even when off the wall, for example, moving into or from storage or during a fit-out.


Easy to live with! Our sensors and receivers are usually completely hidden from view, enabling art to be seen as is intended.

Easy to install

Receivers can be hidden above ceilings, below floors, behind walls or inside furniture.

Easy to use

Fortecho Lite is controlled via a user-friendly touch screen panel.


The ultra-long battery life of tags (4-11years) minimises the need to replace tags.

Invisible sensors provide the best viewer experience. Artwork aesthetics remain uninhibited.

Invisible sensors provide the best viewer experience.

Sophisticated interior design Sophisticated decorated interior with x ray

Designed for...

Historic Buildings

Small Museums

Temporary Exhibitions

Art Galleries

Corporate Collections

Places of Worship

Private Collections

Used by hundreds of private collections that require ultimate security for their art without sacrificing aesthetics and flexibility.

"For clients looking to invisibly protect valuable artworks and objects but still have complete flexibility, we highly recommend the intelligent Fortecho and Fortecho Lite systems."
“We highly recommend the Fortecho and Fortecho Lite systems to our clients with high value art collections. As discreet, flexible and effective solutions, there’s nothing better on the market.”
“Fortecho Solutions’ art protection system is a high quality market-leading product that exceeds the demands and high expectations of my clients.”
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Case studies

Devised in collaboration with The National Gallery, London, Fortecho has evolved with the cooperation of security directors, curators and conservators from the world’s leading museums.