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Luxury Retail Security

Fortecho Luxe was designed in collaboration with some of the world’s leading luxury goods retailers. The Solution allows for the controlled protection of display cases in the luxury goods market 24/7. Changing to meet the needs of a retail environment from opening to closing hours. Visit our Fortecho solutions page to see our other products.

Luxury Retail Security Benefits and Features


Stock is protected at object level 24/7 even when staff are not on the premises.
Opportune thefts are reduced due to intelligent programming


The system adapts to meet the changing requirements during hours of opening and closing. Opening/closing of Retail drawers can be tracked


Invisible to the customer, Fortecho ensures the best possible retail experience for clientele

Easy to install

Wireless at floor level, the hidden receivers and tags are extremely easy to retrofit into the existing shop layout

Easy to use

Fortecho’s bespoke enterprise software provides a user-friendly interface


Fortecho integrates into a host of incumbent planned security systems offering an extra layer of security with minimal staff.
Ultra-long battery life of sensors of 7+ years minimises the need to replace tags

Sophisticated decorated interior Sophisticated decorated interior with x ray

Invisible sensors provides the best luxury retail security

Sophisticated decorated interior Sophisticated decorated interior with x ray
“It’s essential for my business to maintain high quality partnerships with credible and like-minded organisations who understand the importance of confidentiality and impeccable service. Performance, reliability, consistency and dependability are paramount; Fortecho Solutions excels in all these measures.”