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Superyacht Security Systems

Fortecho Marine is the world’s leading wireless artwork monitoring solution for marine vessels. Fortecho Marine enables assets to be monitored discretely in real-time for theft, damage, and dangerous environmental change. It offers a similar array of cutting-edge wireless sensors to our museum-grade Fortecho system, expressly adapted to meet the particular demands of marine vessels, including assets and artwork on superyachts and megayachts.

Designed to be fully integrated with existing security infrastructure including CCTV, SMS, VMS, TETRA radio and intruder detection systems. See our Fortecho solutions page for more products.

Superyacht Security Systems Benefits and Features


Fully automated real-time audit of all artworks or assets 2,880 times a day.
The infrastructure is checked 200 times a second.


Powerful scheduling functions and the ability to enable/ disable aspects of sensors at the touch of a button permit flexible adaptation to the differing security needs of ships at sea, at berth, and in dry dock.


We never discuss our projects and – for your peace of mind – encourage Non-Disclosure Agreements for all parties involved.

Easy to install

Existing infrastructure is harnessed wherever possible to minimise disruption and unnecessary expenditure.

Easy to use

Remote control of functionality and sensitivity of all sensors from the software means less handling and potential for damage.


With competitive pricing, the payments can be made upfront or staggered over time.

Hidden sensors provide the best viewer experience. Our sensors don’t detract from the aesthetics of an artwork.

Superyacht Invisible Sensor Security

See our hardware in action:

Yacht interior design Yatchs interior with artwork

Security Systems Designed for Superyachts



“Valuable artworks and artefacts are increasingly finding their way onto superyachts, prompting a necessary step up in security requirements. Fortecho Marine provides flexible protection for artworks of all shapes and sizes and is perfectly suited to the task at hand.”

Case studies

Devised in collaboration with The National Gallery, London, Fortecho has evolved with the cooperation of security directors, curators and conservators from the world’s leading museums and marine vessels.

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