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Asset Security Consulting

Fortecho Solutions offers unparalleled experience in ensuring the safety and integrity of high-value assets, supported by the expertise of almost two decades in wireless ‘Active RFID’ monitoring. Our consultants will bring this proficiency to bear to assist you in designing and planning bespoke solutions to meet your needs.

A major part—if not the whole essence—of providing security solutions is that each is devised and implemented in careful consultation with our clients to meet their needs exactly.

Every implementation of a Fortecho Solutions system is designed bespoke. They are created with each of our clients individually to produce different iterations, guarding different objects, and responding to clients’ differing needs and protocols. Many of the technologies themselves were designed in tandem with prestigious clients demanding world-class solutions, including the National Gallery in London, to meet their needs. Proper consultation is the keystone of our business.

Fortecho Solutions brings 25 years in the field of art and asset monitoring technologies to bear on your needs in a manner that is thorough, quick to implement, cost-effective, and offers the best protection for your assets available in the world today. Our team are friendly, approachable, and dedicated to our clients.

Whatever your requirements – whether the protection of art in museums, galleries, or private collections, the security of industrial goods or spaces, or the safety of assets on marine vessels – we work to meet your needs.

If you require a security solution or want to consult us regarding the options and possibilities for the protection of your assets do not hesitate to get in touch. Our consultations begin with a dialogue, and can proceed just as you require: we travel the world over to visit the facilities and meet our clients in person; design each system in constant communication with our clients to attend precisely to their needs; test and commission each project ourselves; train existing staff to use and manage our systems; and offer technical support and maintenance throughout the life of the system.

“It’s essential for my business to maintain high quality partnerships with credible and like-minded organisations who understand the importance of confidentiality and impeccable service. Performance, reliability, consistency and dependability are paramount; Fortecho Solutions excels in all these measures.”