The Selfie Vandal Strikes Again!

The recent damage at the Reina Sofia Museum again highlights the need for innovative tech in museums.

It’s not the first time the headline reads “Selfie Taker…” followed by an unfortunate action. The rise of the selfie and the selfie stick have, in recent years made even even the furthest artworks within poking distance. The wayward swinging of a long pole in a room surrounded by priceless objects, to you and I may seem like a terrible idea. Alas, for some it’s the perfect photo opportunity.

Traditional methods of ropes and barriers seem to not be able to put off the selfie enthusiast. New measures must be taken, invisible barriers with audible local alarms is one option. How then do museums achieve this? Thoughts of Mission Impossible-esque lasers come to mind, but in fact the truth is not too far off… it’s a laser curtain that is deployed. Laser curtains can protect a whole wall of artworks notifying the security team and gallery staff when a wandering selfie stick or passer has strayed too close. The un-aware Rembrandt wannabe wielding their phone is also notified with a beep. A warning shot that they have strayed too close. However, what about the bolder “selfie” enthusiast you ask? The one who will ignore the beeps to get a snap with a priceless piece of history. Staff in the immediate vicinity receive instant notifications alerting them to take action.

Couple a laser with a Fortecho tag and the artwork will be secure from danger. Fortecho “tags” will monitor the artworks environment in the immediate vicinity. The emphasis on protecting artworks in recent times has triggered a recent drive in the technology, sensors no longer secure artworks they monitor them.

Luckily for the Reina Sofia the damage was minor. read more

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