Laser Scanner

Using time-of-flight measurement and laser scanner technology, lasers can detect movement and presence in 2D planes of up to 25m x 25m. Accurate to the millimeter, they can protect effectively against theft, vandalism, intrusion, and proximity. With 4 detection planes per laser, it’s possible to raise audible local pre-alarm warnings if visitors cross one ‘curtain’, and only to raise a full alarm with security if they cross another ‘curtain’ nearer the asset(s).
Programmable ‘dead zones’ allow certain areas in the field of coverage (doors/windows/wardens’ chairs and so on) to be ignored by the laser. Independent relay outputs mean the device can operate differently between night and day. The remission factor is down to 2%, and they benefit from a high level of immunity to environmental interferences. No external illumination is necessary, but lasers do require a local power source.

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