Custom Pressure Plinth

Our pressure sensors come in different iterations and are available either as custom made plinths or as kits which can be installed into existing plinths, display bases, false tops or pedestals. Our Piezo crystal pressure sensors are sensitive to weight changes as low as 8g. All are completely wireless, appropriate for individual pieces or a number of objects, and can be used for assets weighing up to 150kg.

Plinth are available in custom shapes, sizes and finishes and are made to your exact specifications.

Custom plinth overview:

  • Beacon tag transmitting a unique ID & data at pre-set intervals
  • Low power consumption ultra long-range transmitter
  • Self powered
  • Weight Change
  • Very compact size

The IS-XSPLIN01 is an active system that continuously transmits a unique ID number, which can be detected by the IS-RX202, IS-RX210 and IS-RX1310 readers.

The IS-XSPLIN01 pressure detection systems work by detecting the change in weight caused by lifting an object off (or placing the object on to) the plinth.

The IS-XSPLIN01 is fully portable, battery powered, wireless security plinths for objects on display.  They are ideal for displaying items such as sculptures and ceramics.

The plinth unit can be manufactured in a choice for finishes and sizes.

Optimum read range is achieved on metal with a 10% reduction on Non metals.

Sensors and electronics are built into each custom-made unit. The sensitivity required – alarm sensitivity is defined as the minimum change of weight required to trigger an alarm (40 grams is standard while as low as 10 grams is available).


Operating temperature-10°C to +65°C
Storage temperature-20°C to +70°C
Humidity5% to 90% (non condensing)


Size200mm x 200mm x 20mm (available in other sizes)
Weight (unit)800 grams
ColourBlack or White (bespoke colour available on request)
MaterialMDF (bespoke wood or stone finish available on request)


Transmit Frequency433.92 MHz
Power Output (avg.)77 dBµV/m @ 3m
Range1 to 100+ meters (actual range is determined by the  choice of reader & antenna used to detect the tag and the environment it is used in)


Supply Voltage9v PP3 Internally powered by lithium battery
Power Consumption8-10 micro amps


AudibleLow intensity single-tone 80-85dB @ 30cm
Duration Output SignalAdjustable from 0-10 seconds


High Sensitivity Sensors15g – 200g
Standard Sensitivity Sensors25g – 400g
Low Sensitivity Sensors50g – 1000g

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