Micro-Climate Monitoring Tag

Unparalleled Precision with Fortecho’s Micro-Climate Monitoring Tag

Stepping into the realm of uncompromising precision, Fortecho introduces the wireless IS-TGAITH tag, equipped with a calibration-free digital sensor. This compact and discreet tool is the perfect ally for environments where monitoring temperature and humidity is vital.

Unprecedented Accuracy

Our micro-climate tag boasts a level of accuracy that is second to none in the market. Its precision reaches an impressive 0.1°C in temperature monitoring and 0.1% for humidity detection. These are measurements you can trust, providing you with reliable data to manage your precious assets effectively.

Unrivalled Data Capture Frequency

Understanding the critical need for timely data in temperature-sensitive and humidity-critical areas, the IS-TGAITH tag captures data every 30 seconds. This is the best granularity offered by any wireless sensor on the market, delivering immediate, real-time insights to keep your environment optimally controlled.

Raised Antenna for Enhanced Performance

Incorporating a raised antenna, our wireless tag demonstrates improved performance even when placed on metal surfaces. This enhancement ensures reliable, unhindered communication between the sensor and your monitoring system.

Harmonious Co-existence with Other Technologies

The IS-TGAITH tag is designed to work harmoniously alongside your existing WiFi, NFC, and Bluetooth technologies. This seamless integration ensures your established systems remain unaffected while you benefit from the added layer of critical temperature and humidity monitoring.

Ultra-Low Power Consumption and Extended Battery Life

With a design focused on efficiency, the wireless tag impresses with its ultra-low power consumption. This efficient use of energy contributes to an impressive battery life that lasts for five years, despite transmitting data every 30 seconds. It’s a testament to Fortecho’s commitment to combining robust functionality with practical sustainability.

Added Security with Anti-Tamper Alert

Adding an extra layer of security, the tag features an anti-tamper alert function. This thoughtful addition ensures that any interference with the device does not go unnoticed, giving you added peace of mind.

Compact, Discreet and Durable

Measuring only 38 x 35 x 12 mm, the compact form factor of the IS-TGAITH tag allows for discreet placement. Despite its small size, this tag is robust and built to last, offering you reliable and efficient service for years to come.

The Micro-Climate Monitoring Tag by Fortecho is a testament to our dedication to providing practical, high-quality, and innovative solutions for precise environmental control. It’s not just about monitoring; it’s about securing and protecting your assets in the most efficient and reliable way possible. Discover the difference with Fortecho Solutions.
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